Adaptive large scale remote executions deployment

TakTuk is an inuit word meaning "fog". I don't know what the original creator of this tool, Cyrille Martin, had in mind when choosing this name. Maybe it was just poetic inspiration... Nevertheless, we can find afterwards some similarities between fog and TakTuk: both spread fast and seamlessly everywhere.

The two first TakTuk versions have been written in C++ by Cyrille Martin during his PhD thesis. The third one has been completely rewritten in Perl by Guillaume Huard. TakTuk 1 and 2 are now obsolete as they are not maintained anymore. Although Cyrille Martin did not take part in the development of the third version, he proposed in his PhD thesis the concept of remote execution deployment and the overall architecture of a deployment engine which are still used in TakTuk. Among other contributor to TakTuk, the most important ones are: Jacques Briat, Thierry Gautier, Benoit Claudel, Johann Bourcier and Olivier Richard.

Guillaume Huard
Guillaume Huard Guillaume Huard is associate professor at university Joseph Fourier in Grenoble. He obtained his PhD in 2001 at the "Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon". He is conducting his research within the LIG laboratory (http://www.liglab.fr) in the area of instruction scheduling, grid scheduling, large scale execution deployment and monitoring.
Cyrille Martin
Cyrille Martin Cyrille Martin is engineer, he works at a company named Serviware which sells cluster solutions. He obtained his PhD in 2003 at the "Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble". He is specialized in operating systems, cluster installation, cluster administration and cluster middleware.

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